What is ICOG?

The Iowa Association of Councils of Governments is the trade association for the 17 Councils of Governments (COGs) in Iowa. Since 1988, ICOG has brought leaders and communities together to promote economic growth, improve public sector services, and and solve regional issues for the future of Iowa.

Who we serve

The Iowa Association of Councils of Governments serves the 17 Councils of Governments to join across interest areas and to work on issues common to all.

Programs & Services

ICOG accomplishes its mission in the following ways:

  • Education and training for COG staff
  • Legislative advocacy at the state level
  • Connecting individuals, agencies and cities for partnership projects
  • Public policy education to affiliate agencies on benefits of COG partnerships
  • Providing a unified voice and structure for state-wide COGs

Iowa regions face many issues requiring collaboration to find solutions. ICOG provides a forum for private, state, federal and local entities to find solutions to common problems. Statewide problems often require regional solutions. ICOG is the mechanism to connect each part of Iowa and collectively solve common problems at the state and federal level.